President – Mufe™ United Arab Emirates | Senior Vice President – Mufe™ Pakistan

An Entrepreneur, writer, highly gifted, creative, energetic and enthusiastic Producer with over Thirty years of experience from developing content and marketing for Radio and Television Industry in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

He joined very first Urdu/Hindi FM Radio in United Arab Emirates by the Radio Asia 30 years ago, and since he never look back, under his management he have been involved with Khyber TV UAE, Jeo TV Dubai wing, ARY Dubai etc. He have his own Advertising agency Freedom Advertising LLC over 20 years in United Arab Emirates, and under that wing he have launched Pushto FM Radio 10 years ago in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

He is also talented in supervising and coordinating production design, editorial projects, directing the cast and crew, recording audio and video, copy writing of TV commercials concepts and its productions etc. as well as writing outlines, storyboards, scripts, literature.

Mr. Akhtar Alam have been honorable Member of Various Non-Governmental Organization and Associations, Professional forums etc. in United Arab Emirates.