President & Director – Mufe® - India

Started his journey at a very young age with nothing in pocket, but big dreams to achieve in mind.

After completing Graduation. As a first step of his career worked as a Sales executive at “IITF - INDIA INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR.” which gave him exposure to the latest products and trends in various industries.

After which he started his own business of Office stationery at an early age to kick off his journey as an entrepreneur which helped him develop skills, integrate knowledge, build tactics knowledge, develop meaning in places, and work with peers.

Then soon an opportunity knocks the door and he was appointed as a manager at export house which was just the light, he needed that time to guide him in his path of achieving his dreams.

As they say "Opportunity knocks only once. You never know if you'll get another opportunity."

So, this came as a turning point in his career and after working as a manager for a brief time in an export house. He had an idea of starting his own export house. Which he did! and soon launched his own export company in New Delhi.

Later he got an opportunity to study abroad. It was a tough decision that he had to make and come out of his comfort zone. And start a new journey at a new place which was unfamiliar to him.

Then in 1996 he started his Import Export business on his own with the hard work, sacrifices and dedication and the experience that he has collected throughout his career starting from zero. The Business deals in premium range of clothing line and Islamic wedding gifts. This currently is a very successful export house in Malaysia which he is operating as a Managing Director.

Living in Malaysia from past 25 years and now as a successfull businessman. And running a Export house that Imports from all over the world and supplies its goods throughout Malaysia.

He has the passion about Movies and TV Dramas, and has a unique perspective about Digital Content which features Family, few years back he joined Malaya United Films & Entertainment in Malaysia and understands the thought behind Mr. Mufe® an OTT Platform. Now he is leading Mr. Mufe® in India as a President and Director and Being ambitious to Make Mr. Mufe® be top in India for Family and Quality Entertainment.