Executive Director & Chief Technical Officer – Mr. Mufe® – Pakistan

Syed Muneeb Raza has started his career when he was 13 years old kid at the age where 99.99% of our kids play video games on computer, he started earning from his brilliant problem solving skills, Nearly 19 years’ of rich experience with impressive success in building responsive IT organisations, driving end-to-end IT operations and in overall IT Management & Administration of Software Solutions such as ERP, CRM & POS systems.

He has a unique mindset for looking at things which helped him in creating, molding and customizing brilliant solutions for many organizations to provide Optimized, maximized and a sustainable environment to boost their businesses. Technology is a life line for any business in today’s world and having someone Now giving a new height to our one and only of it's kind OTT platform which is going to be the game changer for this industry in 47 countries in Asia to begin with and whole world in coming years.

He spent more than a decade in International markets like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & Thailand to prove himself as an experienced I.T professional, he was also once the youngest Head of I.T for Siddco Group (UAE) at age of 19.

Pioneered development & delivery of software solutions, supported by large sized multi-technology, multi-cultural teams Trusted leader, people-friendly, collaborative & approachable leader with in-depth sensitization to expectations of people.

He believes that if your profession is your passion no one can stop you to become what you want to, he says "People who WAIT for their chance or time, only get what's left from the people who TRY".