An Introduction of our Official MASCOT – Mr. Mufe®


Rationale behind the Name and Inspiration:

Being an abbreviation of ‘Malaya United Film & Entertainment’, he embodies the essence of what the company stands for.

The Correct Pronunciation for Mufe® is Moo-Fee

1. The First Character Inspired by the Greek philosopher Socrates.

  • Socrates was renowned for his contribution in the field of ethics and his patriotism. At his era, majority of his followers were younger generation. He was teacher of knowledge, Morality, virtue and politics; left a legacy of ideals which is constantly pursued.

2. The Second Characteristics inspired by our own formal Premier YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

  • Tun Dr. Mahathir name etched as the "Father of Modernization in Malaysia", an eminent statesman who has made Malaysians Live modern, prosperous, happy and full of energy life.
  • He led the country towards modernization very fast and cause prosperity on all levels of Malaysian society and community. His visions and enthusiasm for upbringing the Nation is highly commendable by Malaysians as well People of the World.

Mr. Mufe® Biography :

  • He was born and bred in Kuala Lumpur city, travelled around the world, and is comfortable being a ‘resident’ of the world.
  • Despite being 36 years old, he is very much young at heart and has no trouble finding himself in the board room or out kicking a few footballs on the field.

Mr. Mufe® Role :

  • He represents the company "MufeWorld®" in all marketing and communication collateral worldwide.
  • He will be seen as a loyal associate to all those involved in the Digital Creative Entertainment Industry.
  • He is trustworthy, and someone to rely on in times of need, advocating their struggles, as well as share their joy, in times of abundance.
  • He will be the forerunner on all the Digital Creative Contents and entertainment industry news.

Mr. Mufe® Character & Personality :

It is with this that our mascot has strong integrity and courage.

M - Malaysian bred (Symbol of MOTIVATION)

U - Uniquely Understanding (Symbol of UNITY)

F - Faithful Friend to all ages (Symbol of FAITHFUL)

E - Enthusiastic Entertainment centric (Symbol of EQUALITY)