Mr. Mufe® Foundation


Transforming Digital Creative Industry to build a resilient Digital Creative Industry People.


Reaching the underserved through innovations, Skill building and empowerment for a better tomorrow.

About Mr. Mufe® Foundation

Mr. Mufe® Foundation is a NGO rooted on philanthropic values for the empowerment of the Youth in the creative Industry. The efforts are directed in providing the vulnerable sections of the Industry a respectable life without having to migrate to Overseas in western world in search of better job scope and livelihood.

Under our Corporate Social Responsibility, Mr. Mr. Mufe® Foundation, have setup USD$250,000,000.00 Dollars Grants and Scholarships for the development of Youths in Digital Entertainment Industry.

We believe it can contribute to reform Digital Content Industry in Asia’s Region. These grants will be awarded for both Youths and Startups for the betterment of project support, for individuals in the Digital Creative Industry and upskilling the unskilled less experience Digital Content Industry Workers.

Mr. Mufe® Foundation is a nonprofit organization that uses its assets and the income generated from Mr. Mufe® - My Lepak Buddy, an OTT Platform to promote the social welfare of people and communities across the Asia.